Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Over the 2015 summer period  I was very busy building models. I

I have been creating some new Gn15 critters and rolling stock. These freight cars were intended to go with a sugar cane locomotive that I displayed at the Pasadena CA National Narrow Gauge Convention.  The pictures following are of the locomotive I scratch built out of brass, plastic and wood. The resin figure was once offered by sculptor Richard Kapuaala. I painted the figure with Vallejo acrylic paints.

This loco features a ESU Loksound DCC sound decoder with a custom sound file. They are neat! Very fun to watch and listen to running down the track.
Above is a sample of the Gn15 whole cane cars I created to pull behind the locomotive. The basic flat car that is the basis of the cane cars got me thinking....

 This "basic platform" could be used to make up a bunch of different cars for different purposes.

Some Gn15 man-trip cars based on the same basic flat car that is on the cane cars.

 From there things just went into overload... I also created some fuel tank cars to hold fuel oil. Remeber.... "No smoking around these tanks they are leaky!"

Then one day while I was surfing the internet I stumbled upon an industrial shop built crane in Brazil. I had to make one of these cranes.... Here is the prototype crane:

And below is my creation, it completely works using the small hand cranks. The little pawls do lock the spool in place as you turn the hand crank. Pencil is to show size of the model.

I am working on some Koppel drop side cars and in the future I would like to make some sand cars, an explosives skip, little gondola, maybe a brake van... Fun! G

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